Diploma Thesis: Cassette Tape & Prime Language
● The mixtape is a message by Duke, as a musical song. The cassette includes 5 music tracks (original song + 4 remix),
along with booklet, lyric, instruction of the language and characters.

1. so no lo hai — prod. by Duke & Marc Veiz
2. so no lo hai (workout remix) by ELIZZAETH e ZZAZZERINE
3. so no lo hai (breathless space disco blend) by The Institute
4. so no lo hai (evil duke remix) by Dj BEBBE
5. so no lo hai (sky is the limiter remix) by inflagrandi

● The prime language of the Dukes (prime beings); the type concept is designed in a syllabary.
For each letter and syllabel, there is a designed character for their own. Duke Sans, the font is based slightly on Work Sans.
It was designed intuitively by the Dukes, this language has a complete vocabulary and features in general about sophisticated rules regarding syntax and grammar.

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