Diploma Thesis: Music Video (so no lo hai) /// running time: 3:33 min
The music video — a musical and visual mash up, presenting a message to our world.
Addressed to his earthly friends and family. Duke is back home, far away — very far away.
A partial result of his journey, his research, his work during the diploma semester (SS’18).

Subtitles: English & Dukish (prime language)

Diploma Thesis: Documentary Film (the journey) /// running time: 42:00 min
Written, directed, produced & edited by Duke. 
During my diploma semester (SS’18) I decided to document my diploma thesis — with my smartphone as a video diary,
a series of short-form online stories on “Instagram”. Documented by myself and by my colleagues.
The diploma thesis seems to threaten to fail, but suddenly unexplainable things happened over the time...

Audio: DE / Subs: EN

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